Petra Krug

In nature, changes and developments are processes that have existed for millions of years and led to success in various ways. Often in nature we find innovative suggestions for our human life. This particular scientific branch is called bionic where leaves of the lotus develop into the lotus effect or penguin skin provides the basis for swim suits of the highest standard. But biology also teaches us how to optimize our processes and structure internal changes for a better use.

When you are to face changes at your own business or within your company we are your counterpart. We provide support in the fields of project management, organizational development and management consulting. But we don’t regard ourselves as merely consultants but also as your sparring partner for your ideas and goals.

Moreover, our work is based on a holistic approach to achieve lasting success. Only when organizational structures, processes and tools, e.g. SAP, Sharepoint or a simple sheet of paper, are synchronized, proper work can take place without interruption. And that is what members of an organization really want in the first place: fulfill their tasks without interruption. As soon as this is granted, the success of an organization is due to eventuate. This can be used for clubs as well as start-ups or corporations. We provide support for this tightrope act between requirements on an economic level and reasonable measures in favor of the team members.