Nature shows us: in the African savanna an elder and experienced elephant guides its herd to the important spots of life: water holes and pasture grounds. To reach these places, the complete herd is challenged since the leading female cannot make it alone. Every member of the herd is confident in the importance of this task and knows instinctively that it can only be fulfilled if they all work together as a unit.

Organizational development is the deliberate development of an organization towards a certain goal, be it the installation of a new tool, e.g. ERP-Systems, the orientation towards a shared strategy or the change of complete organigrams up to merging processes. The well-established rule here is: as soon as the goal is made clear to the staff and they have been aligned to these aims, simple change can be transformed into a lasting improvement of situation.

It may be of great help to involve the people being confronted with a change into the process of carrying out this development. To achieve this we use the following tools among others:

1. Analysis of the organization

2. Consulting of the mandating management

3. Workshop design and workshop implementation