Many nutrients flow into the broad branching of a tree’s roots. From there they must be transported to the upper areas in an efficient way. There is no chance of accomplishing this mission by using thick veins or lines. Microscopic epidermis cells transport the water to the upper branches and twigs. Every single cell counts. Just like in an organization.

Group formats are very suitable to solve organizational problems together in a way that individual strengths within the group can be used for it. But also apart from these problem solving tasks they are very useful for standpoint definitions, starting signals, networking, gaining of knowledge and much more. Possible group formats would be:

1. World Café: Easy chat about particular and scheduled questions. The writable table cloth serves as medium to collect ideas and results.

2. Future Workshop: Taking a look into the past, present and future. Great method to direct the look to positive aspects and to use this as a starting point to approach future challenges.

3. Open Space Conference: (Non-)Conference with unlimited number of participants. The participants’ input is the main factor for topics and action taken. Convenient for situations where an unrestricted look on the organization is possible.

4. Barcamp: “Modern” and more structured form of the Open Space Conference. Convenient for learning with and from each other. Regular use of social media tools but they do not determine the quality of this approach.

We support you by choosing the suitable group format, creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, the required amount of trust as well as our personal commitment as facilitator and member of the team during discussions. For larger groups we can rely on a strong network of consultants with specifications in different fields of interest.