Organizations are like swarms of fish. Without a shared vision and goal and crowded with lone wolves and disturbers an organization – and thus its members – far less chances of success. Cohesion of the swarm or the team is the foundation of “survival”.

Unlike than fish with their swarm intelligence we cannot rely on our instincts. Moderation can help distribute information, develop insights and directions or solve problems. In a moderation process the interaction of the team members is very important. By acquiring the techniques of systematic conversation, constructive discussions and mutual listening and support the team receives new stimuli for efficient working.

It’s no coincidence that the consultant in moderation is called “facilitator” because he enables the group members to develop solutions for their issues. Moderation used to be an inflexible construction of timing and agenda but is no more. Now the job of a facilitator includes receiving stimuli from the group and enabling the group to develop great things. We initiate thought-provoking impulses and actively support you to develop strategies together. Results always emerge within the group. To achieve this we offer the following workshop types:

1. Strategy workshop: Development of strategies and measurements based on vision / CI

2. Decision-making workshops: Several options are to be chosen and are being advocated by “lawyers”.
With the help of various methods the best option will be selected – or a new one will be developed

3. Lesson Learned workshop: At the closure of a project or event it is worth the time to take a look back and thus save a lot of money in upcoming tasks