Der Mensch

Processes, organizational method, tools to accomplish every step of it – it all sounds rather technical and hides the fact that there is an even more important piece to the puzzle: the human behind it.

Speaking of the human in a process or an organization is speaking of the x-factor of success. Every process, every organization and every tool is undoubtedly and inevitably connected to the human creating and using them.
Only motivated and contented team members can work efficiently and successfully. To achieve this they have to be placed into a position most likely to suit their individual abilities. Playing an active role is essential for the team since contentment and motivation mainly emerge from appreciation for the tasks and explanation of the deeper meaning of a process. Our long-term experience showed us that this explanation is rarely given to the team. This leads to misunderstanding and discontent and to bad working results in the second step.

Improving the situation within a process is unlikely to occur by looking at it from the outside position but rather by listening closely to the members involved in this process. Only then models like learning organization or CIP are possible.
Our approach to this is creating transparent procedures and capacity building. It doesn’t help if issues are solved by external agents without explaining it to the team that doesn’t understand the deeper sense of it all. It is about installing improvement and the possibilities for further optimization into the relevant parts of an organization. Just by doing so a lasting and holistic improvement is possible.