Der Prozess

The starting point of a task is always connected to the question which task should be accomplished and how this is about to happen to achieve the aspired goal. By clarifying the process parts the tasks for team members and leaders can be set and interfaces between the members responsible for these tasks can be installed. This requires exact planning of the procedure alongside the supply chain to create an efficient and fluent course of tasks within an organization. First rule is: For every part of the process the best people with their special abilities have to be staffed or developed to fill this particular position.

Since a process is planned and executed by people it is important to listen to them closely and to clarify the details of the process. From our work experience we know it is unlikely that the people executing the process are also the ones who have planned it despite knowing the process very well. To avoid any misunderstanding and to grant a successful course every member of the team has to be informed about the importance of and sense behind the process. Only after this initial act of communication and explaining the shared goals the team members can and want to give their best.